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Maximum Marks : 100

Duration : 1 Hour15 Minutes

Mode of Exam : OMR/ONLINE (Objective Multiple Choice)

Kerala PSC Pharmacist Grade 2 previous question papers pdf is give below, prepare well.

Question Paper Code :18/2020/OL
Category Code :191/2018
Exam :Pharmacist Gr II (Homoeo)
Medium of Question :English
Date of Test :04-11-2020
Department :Homoeopathy
Question1:- Official pharmacy is concerned with
A:- Physician
B:- Pharmacopoeia
C:- Theories of Galen
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Pharmacopoeia
Question2:- Lac. Felinum prepared from
A:- Dog’s milk
B:- Cat’s milk
C:- Cow’s milk
D:- Curd

Correct Answer:- Cat’s milk
Question3:- In which sec. Hahnemann told about imponderabilia ?
A:- 280
B:- 281
C:- 288
D:- 256

Correct Answer:- 280
Question4:- Saccharum Lactis is synonym of
A:- Milk sugar
B:- Sugar of milk
C:- Pellets
D:- 1 and 2

Correct Answer:- 1 and 2
Question5:- The most common impurity in sugar of milk is
A:- Alum
B:- Starch
C:- Na
D:- K

Correct Answer:- Starch
Question6:- The chemical formula of sugar of milk is
A:- 𝐢12𝐻22𝑂11
B:- 𝐢11𝐻22𝐻20
C:- 𝐢11𝐻22 𝑂12
D:- 𝐢12𝐻22𝑂11𝐻2𝑂

Correct Answer:- 𝐢12𝐻22𝑂11𝐻2𝑂
Question7:- Saccharum lactis is prepared from
A:- Cow’s milk
B:- Goat’s milk
C:- Sugar cane
D:- Sheep’s milk

Correct Answer:- Goat’s milk
Question8:- The 20 No. Globules size means 10 globules of equal size acquire size _ space.
A:- 10 mm
B:- 20 mm
C:- 20 cm
D:- 2 dm

Correct Answer:- 20 mm
Question9:- There are _ type of vehicles.
A:- 5
B:- 10
C:- 3
D:- 4

Correct Answer:- 3
Question10:- The main protein of the milk is
A:- Albumin
B:- Globulin
C:- Casein
D:- All

Correct Answer:- Casein
Question11:- Sugar of milk is insoluble in
A:- Water
B:- Alcohol
C:- Ether
D:- Chloroform

Correct Answer:- Alcohol
Question12:- Identification of the mother tincture is confirmed by
A:- Alcohol content determination
B:- pH value
C:- Total solids
D:- Chromatography

Correct Answer:- Chromatography
Question13:- The protocol for drug proving is decided by
A:- Project director
B:- Advisor
C:- Proving supervisor
D:- Prover

Correct Answer:- Project director
Question14:- The age of prover should ideally be
A:- Below 18 years
B:- Between 18 and 45 years
C:- Above 45 years
D:- Any age

Correct Answer:- Between 18 and 45 years
Question15:- The prover makes data entries of the deviations in health in
A:- Daybook
B:- Initial medical report proforma
C:- Response monitoring proforma
D:- Case record book

Correct Answer:- Daybook
Question16:- Immediately is represented as
A:- s.o.s.
B:- stat
C:- ante
D:- h.s

Correct Answer:- stat
Question17:- Name of the remedy its potency and its quantity is included in
A:- Signature
B:- Subscription
C:- Superscription
D:- Inscription

Correct Answer:- Inscription
Question18:- Pure sugar of milk is __ in colour.
A:- Yellowish white
B:- Cream coloured
C:- Milky white
D:- Lime coloured

Correct Answer:- Milky white
Question19:- An animal charcoal is an __ in nature.
A:- Effervescent
B:- Purifier
C:- Absorbent
D:- All

Correct Answer:- Absorbent
Question20:- Cones are made of
A:- Cane sugar
B:- Egg-albumine
C:- Both
D:- Milk sugar

Correct Answer:- Both
Question21:- Globules are prepared from
A:- Milk sugar
B:- Sugar of milk
C:- Pure cane sugar
D:- All

Correct Answer:- Pure cane sugar
Question22:- Globules are __ in taste.
A:- Tasteless
B:- Bitter
C:- Sweet
D:- Sour

Correct Answer:- Sweet
Question23:- Cones are a type of __ vehicle.
A:- Solid
B:- Semi-solid
C:- Liquid
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Solid
Question24:- The chemical formula of ethyl alcohol is
A:- 𝐢3 𝐻6 𝑂𝐻
B:- 𝐢2 𝐻5 𝑂𝐻
C:- 𝐢𝑂𝑂𝐻
D:- 𝐢4 𝐻5 𝑂𝐻

Correct Answer:- 𝐢2 𝐻5 𝑂𝐻
Question25:- Mol. Weight of ethyl alcohol is
A:- 46.07
B:- 49.07
C:- 48
D:- 47.07

Correct Answer:- 46.07
Question26:- The term alcohol originates from
A:- Greek
B:- Germany
C:- Arab
D:- America

Correct Answer:- Arab
Question27:- Alcohol is __ in nature.
A:- Hygroscopic
B:- Highly inflammable
C:- Mix easily with 𝐻2𝑂
D:- All

Correct Answer:- All
Question28:- Pure alcohol is __ in reaction.
A:- Acidic
B:- Alkaline
C:- Neutral
D:- All

Correct Answer:- Neutral
Question29:- Sp. gravity of absolute alcohol is
A:- 0.795
B:- 0.935
C:- 0.825
D:- 0.0325

Correct Answer:- 0.795
Question30:- The absolute alcohol contain __ by volume of pure alcohol.
A:- 99.4%
B:- 98%
C:- 89%
D:- 95.5%

Correct Answer:- 99.4%
Question31:- Glycerine is a __ alcohol.
A:- Monohydric
B:- Dihydric
C:- Trihydric
D:- Tetrahydric

Correct Answer:- Trihydric
Question32:- Almond oil is
A:- Tasteless
B:- Pale yellow
C:- Slightly soluble in alcohol
D:- All

Correct Answer:- All
Question33:- The homoeopathic remedy should be repeated
A:- When the patient is improving
B:- When improvement ceases
C:- Symptoms disappear according to Hering’s law of direction of cure
D:- When common symptoms are present

Correct Answer:- When improvement ceases
Question34:- The fraction of full dose that is to be taken at short interval is called as
A:- Divided dose
B:- Maximum dose
C:- Booster dose
D:- Fatal dose

Correct Answer:- Divided dose
Question35:- Higher potencies are best adapted to
A:- Oversensitive patients
B:- Incurable chronic diseases
C:- Intelligent intellectual persons quick to act and react
D:- Coarse fibered, sluggish, individual of gross habits

Correct Answer:- Intelligent intellectual persons quick to act and react
Question36:- Liniments are prepared by taking one part of the requisite mother tincture and four part of
A:- Glycerin
B:- Olive oil
C:- Yellow’s Beeswax
D:- Distilled water

Correct Answer:- Olive oil
Question37:- ‘Shake well before use’ needs to be mentioned on the level of
A:- Lotions
B:- Ointments
C:- Cerates
D:- Liniments

Correct Answer:- Lotions
Question38:- External application of remedies is discussed in 6τ€€„β„Ž addition of Organon of medicine
A:- Aphorism 3
B:- Aphorism 267
C:- Aphorism 270
D:- Aphorism 285

Correct Answer:- Absorbent
Question39:- In Stapf’s process for purification of sugar of milk the variety of alcohol used is
A:- Absolute alcohol
B:- Strong alcohol
C:- Dispensing alcohol
D:- Dilute alcohol

Correct Answer:- Absolute alcohol
Question40:- For preparation of liniments vehicle used is
A:- Olive oil
B:- Almond oil
C:- Sesame oil
D:- Chaulmoogra oil

Correct Answer:- Olive oil
Question41:- Deionization process is used for the purification of
A:- Strong alcohol
B:- Distillled water
C:- Olive oil
D:- Glycerin

Correct Answer:- Distillled water
Question42:- Fusel oil is a common impurity present in
A:- Alcohol
B:- Distilled water
C:- Olive oil
D:- Almond oil

Correct Answer:- Alcohol
Question43:- Polarimeter is used for measurement of rotation are generally constructed used with
A:- K light
B:- N light
C:- Mercury vapour lamp
D:- 2 and 3

Correct Answer:- 2 and 3
Question44:- Drug power in tincture of class I is
A:- 1/6
B:- 1/2
C:- 1/4
D:- 1/10

Correct Answer:- 1/2
Question45:- Under class β€” II the proportion of plant and alcohol is
A:- 3 : 2
B:- 2 : 3
C:- 2 : 4
D:- 1 : 2

Correct Answer:- 3 : 2
Question46:- Centesimal scale is introduced by
A:- Hahnemann
B:- Hering
C:- Both
D:- Clarke

Correct Answer:- Hahnemann
Question47:- 2C = __ x.
A:- 6
B:- 3
C:- 2
D:- 4

Correct Answer:- 4
Question48:- Fifty Millesimal scale was introduced in _ edn. of organon of medicine.
A:- 6th
B:- 5tβ„Ž
C:- 4tβ„Ž
D:- 2nd

Correct Answer:- 6th
Question49:- In fifty Millesimal scale, The 1st potency will contain _ part of the original drug.
A:- 1/5,000
B:- 1/50,000
C:- 1/5,00,000
D:- 1/2,500

Correct Answer:- 1/50,000
Question50:- Decimal scale was introduced by
A:- Dr. C. Hering
B:- Dr. Hahnemann
C:- Dr. Hart Laub
D:- 1 and 2

Correct Answer:- Dr. C. Hering
Question51:- The entire process of trituration is done in _ stage.
A:- 4
B:- 5
C:- 3
D:- 6

Correct Answer:- 3
Question52:- The total time required for the first stage of Trituration is __ min in decimal scale.
A:- 10
B:- 20
C:- 15
D:- 60

Correct Answer:- 20
Question53:- The jumping potency can be prepared from
A:- 3x
B:- 6x
C:- 3c
D:- 2 and 3

Correct Answer:- 2 and 3
Question54:- “Bid” is
A:- Drink
B:- Twice a day
C:- Wax
D:- Paper

Correct Answer:- Drink
Question55:- “Trit” is
A:- Rule
B:- Like this
C:- Thrice daily
D:- Trituration

Correct Answer:- Trituration
Question56:- “D” is
A:- A dose
B:- Give
C:- Day to day
D:- To be given

Correct Answer:- A dose
Question57:- Trituration were followed in
A:- Class I – IV
B:- Class VA, VB
C:- Class VIA, VIB
D:- Class VII – IX

Correct Answer:- Class VII – IX
Question58:- During trituration, Hahnemann divided the sugar of milk in the ratio
A:- 33 : 33 : 33
B:- 1 : 3 : 5
C:- 11 : 33 : 55
D:- Hahnemann did not divide sugar of milk in three parts

Correct Answer:- 33 : 33 : 33
Question59:- Number of Succussion strokes in preparation of fifty Millesimal scale potencies is
A:- 10
B:- 50
C:- 100
D:- 50000

Correct Answer:- 100
Question60:- In fifty millesimal scale, for each degree of dynamization, the material part of the medicine is decreased
A:- 50000 times
B:- 500 times
C:- 50 times
D:- 1/50000 times

Correct Answer:- 50000 times
Question61:- ‘Medicamens au globules’ is the term for
A:- Fifty millesimal scale potencies
B:- Centisimal scale potencies
C:- Dispensing medicine in globules
D:- Dispensing medicine in Distilled water

Correct Answer:- Fifty millesimal scale potencies
Question62:- The globules used for fifty millesimal scale potencies are such that
A:- 100 globules weigh 100 mg
B:- 100 globules weigh 65 mg
C:- 100 globules weigh 50 mg
D:- 100 globules weigh 1 mg

Correct Answer:- 100 globules weigh 65 mg
Question63:- Centisimal scale potencies are represented by suffixing the lettter
A:- C
B:- D
C:- LM
D:- X

Correct Answer:- C
Question64:-The drug strength of 10X potency is
C:- 10βˆ’10

Correct Answer:- 10βˆ’10
Question65:- To cure the dynamically deranged vital force, the medicine should be in
A:- Liquid form
B:- Solid form
C:- Crude form
D:- Dynamic form

Correct Answer:- Dynamic form
Question66:- The more a drug is potentized
A:- Quality of drug decreases
B:- Quantity of drug is increases
C:- Dynamic power of drug increases
D:- Dynamic power of drug decreases

Correct Answer:- Dynamic power of drug increases
Question67:- Which one of the following substance has the property of sublimation ?
A:- Silica
B:- Argentum Nitricum
C:- Camphor
D:- Ferrum metallicum

Correct Answer:- Camphor
Question68:- The process of separating out the tincture with force from solid drug material is termed as
A:- Decantation
B:- Filteration
C:- Sublimation
D:- Straining

Correct Answer:- Straining
Question69:- Fractional Distillation is very useful in the purification of
A:- Organic liquids
B:- Inorganic liquids
C:- Metals
D:- Gases

Correct Answer:- Organic liquids
Question70:- “T.I.D” and “Thrice a day” are
A:- T.D
B:- T.d
C:- b.d
D:- tt.

Correct Answer:- T.D
Question71:- “Rx” stands for the _ word “Recipe”.
A:- Greek
B:- Latin
C:- German
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Latin
Question72:- The Drugs and Cosmetics Act developed in
A:- 1995
B:- 1940
C:- 1964
D:- 1930

Correct Answer:- 1940
Question73:- The Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930 rules in __ and amendments thereafter.
A:- 1945
B:- 1935
C:- 1950
D:- 1957

Correct Answer:- 1957
Question74:- The drug price control order in
A:- 1970
B:- 1971
C:- Both
D:- 1975

Correct Answer:- Both
Question75:- The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act __ and the rules 1955 there under.
A:- 1954
B:- 1955
C:- 1957
D:- 1951

Correct Answer:- 1954
Question76:- Mortar and pestle used for mercurial preparation are best cleansed with
A:- Dil. 𝐻2𝑆𝑂4
B:- 𝐻𝑁𝑂3
C:- Rectified spirit
D:- Glycerine

Correct Answer:- 𝐻𝑁𝑂3
Question77:- Percolation is done with substance containing
A:- More moisture
B:- Very less moisture
C:- No moisture
D:- 2 and 3

Correct Answer:- 2 and 3
Question78:- Straight potency is introduced by
A:- Dr. Stuart Close
B:- Dr. Hahnemann
C:- Dr. Burt
D:- Dr. C. Hering

Correct Answer:- Dr. Burt
Question79:- In 6τ€€„β„Ž Edition of organon of medicine, the 50 millesimal scale is described in Sec.
A:- 265
B:- 270
C:- 271
D:- 282

Correct Answer:- 270
Question80:- Posology means
A:- Knowledge of Psora
B:- Knowledge of Drugs
C:- Knowledge of Therapeutic
D:- Knowledge of Dose of Therapeutic agent

Correct Answer:- Knowledge of Dose of Therapeutic agent
Question81:- Which drug is prepared from gummy juice ?
A:- Opium
B:- Abies Nigra
C:- Asafoetida
D:- Coffea cruda

Correct Answer:- Opium
Question82:- The proper time for collection of the whole plant is
A:- After development of leaves
B:- In early spring
C:- In flowering season, partly in bud and partly in flower
D:- Early in autumn

Correct Answer:- In flowering season, partly in bud and partly in flower
Question83:- Atropine is
A:- Saponin
B:- Alkaloid
C:- Resin
D:- Tannin

Correct Answer:- Alkaloid
Question84:- From which of the following drugs is luna prepared ?
A:- Radium Bromide
B:- X-Rays
C:- Full Moon
D:- Sun rays

Correct Answer:- Full Moon
Question85:- X-Ray is included in
A:- Mineral kingdom
B:- Imponderabilia
C:- Synthetic source
D:- Nosodes

Correct Answer:- Imponderabilia
Question86:- Which of the following belongs to synthetic source ?
A:- Histamine hydrochloride
B:- Electricitas
C:- Colostrum
D:- Medusa

Correct Answer:- Histamine hydrochloride
Question87:- Electricity is an example of _ type of imponderabilia.
A:- Natural
B:- Artificial
C:- Both
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Artificial
Question88:- Source of drug is
A:- Drug substance
B:- Pharmacopoeia
C:- Pharmacy
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Drug substance
Question89:- Source of pharmacy is
A:- Pharmacology
B:- Pharmacodynamics
C:- Pharmacopoeia
D:- Pharmacognosy

Correct Answer:- Pharmacopoeia
Question90:- The World ‘Placebo’ is derived from _ word.
A:- Greek
B:- French
C:- Latin
D:- German

Correct Answer:- Latin
Question91:- ‘TLC’ stands for
A:- Thin Layer of Chromosomes
B:- Thick Layer of Chromosomes
C:- Thin Layer of Chromatography
D:- Thick Layer of Chromatography

Correct Answer:- Thin Layer of Chromatography
Question92:- An example of plant nosode is
A:- Syphilinum
B:- Secale cornutum
C:- Stamonium
D:- Spongia tosta

Correct Answer:- Secale cornutum
Question93:- First Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia in the world, published by
A:- Dr. Von Haller
B:- Dr. Hahnemann
C:- Paracelsus
D:- C. Caspari

Correct Answer:- C. Caspari
Question94:- Luna belongs to
A:- Nosode
B:- Imponderbilia
C:- Sarcodes
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Imponderbilia
Question95:- Study of doses is known as
A:- Pharmacognosy
B:- Pharmacodynamics
C:- Posology
D:- Pharmacogenetics

Correct Answer:- Posology
Question96:- 1 gram of sugar of milk is soluble in
A:- 0.2 ml of boiling water
B:- 0.5 ml of boiling water
C:- 1 ml of boiling water
D:- 2.6 ml of boiling water

Correct Answer:- 2.6 ml of boiling water
Question97:- All vegetables and animal substance should be collected in __ form.
A:- Dried
B:- Fresh
C:- Any
D:- Slight dried

Correct Answer:- Fresh
Question98:- Drugs prepared from healthy tissues, or their secreation are known as
A:- Imponderabilia
B:- Nosodes
C:- Sarcodes
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Sarcodes
Question99:- The Indian name of camphor is
A:- Karpurum
B:- Gandhak
C:- Both
D:- Keshara

Correct Answer:- Karpurum
Question100:- Which equipment is used to remove moisture completely from substances ?
A:- Desicator
B:- Percolator
C:- Beaker
D:- Hydrometer

Correct Answer:- Desicator

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