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Studying the previous question papers of Pharmacist Grade 2 previous question papers makes the examination much easier. kerala psc exam mostly asking from previous question papers, therefore mandatory to refer all the previous question papers to the related examinations.

Maximum Marks : 100

Duration : 1 Hour15 Minutes

Mode of Exam : OMR/ONLINE (Objective Multiple Choice)

Question Paper Code :50/2019/OL
Category Code :089/2018
Exam :Pharmacist Gr II (Homoeo)
Medium of Question :English
Date of Test :11-10-2019
Department :Homoeopathy

kerala psc pharmacist grade 2 previous question papers pdf link is added below, and prepare exam well.

Question1:- Dynamisation of liquid drug substances by
A:- Trituration
B:- Succussion
C:- Mother solution
D:- None of the above

Correct Answer:- Succussion
Question2:- Common name of Asterias Rubens is
A:- Star fish
B:- Jelly fish
C:- Cuttle fish
D:- River fish

Correct Answer:- Star fish
Question3:- The body of the prescription is
A:- Superscription
B:- Inscription
C:- Subscription
D:- Signatura

Correct Answer:- Inscription
Question4:- The time taken for second potency trituration in decimal scale is
A:- 10 mts
B:- 30 mts
C:- 20 mts
D:- 60 mts

Correct Answer:- 60 mts
Question5:- Glycerol is used for the preservation of
A:- Apismellifica
B:- Tarentula
C:- Lachesis
D:- Buforana

Correct Answer:- Lachesis
Question6:- The branch of pharmacology deals with physical characteristics and botanical sources of crude drugs
A:- Pharmacodynamics
B:- Pharmaconomy
C:- Pharmacognosy
D:- Pharmachopolaxy

Correct Answer:- Pharmacognosy
Question7:- Dispencing alcohol contains — percent alcohol
A:- 80
B:- 77
C:- 66
D:- 88

Correct Answer:- 88
Question8:- Drugs prepared from diseased products
A:- Nosodes
B:- Sarcodes
C:- Imponderabilia
D:- Biotherapeutic preparations

Correct Answer:- Question Cancelled
Question9:- Drug strength of Phosphorus tincture is
A:- 1/20
B:- 1/10
C:- 1/100
D:- 1/667
Correct Answer:- 1/667
Question10:- The dose of the drug which causes death of living being
A:- Lethal dose
B:- Booster dose
C:- infinitesimal
D:- physiological dose

Correct Answer:- Lethal dose
Question11:- When a particular medicine is prescribed for a particular disease condition it is called
A:- Drug
B:- Medicine
C:- Remedy
D:- Potency

Correct Answer:- Remedy
Question12:- The synonym of absolute alcohol is
A:- Alcoholfortis
B:- Anhydrous alcohol
C:- Alcoholofficionalis
D:- Rectified spirit

Correct Answer:- Anhydrous alcohol
Question13:- Written direction for the preparation of medicine is known as
A:- Subscription
B:- Superscription
C:- Inscription
D:- prescription

Correct Answer:- prescription
Question14:- Synonym of Solvent Ether is
A:- Ethyl Oxide
B:- Butane
C:- Methyl Oxide
D:- Sulphur Oxide

Correct Answer:- Ethyl Oxide
Question15:- The method of removing moisture from any substance is called
A:- Decantation
B:- Distillation
C:- Dessication
D:- De-ionisation

Correct Answer:- Dessication
Question16:- No. of volumes of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia India
A:- 8
B:- 9
C:- 10
D:- 7

Correct Answer:- 10
Question17:- Remedy with a wide range of symptoms in provings and it helps to treat a wide range of problem is called
A:- Genuine remedy
B:- Long acting remedy
C:- complimentary remedy
D:- Polychrest remedy

Correct Answer:- Polychrest remedy
Question18:- Medicine which is prepared from dry leaf
A:- Tabacum
B:- Aegale folia
C:- Ficusreligiosa
D:- Justiciaadathoda

Correct Answer:- Tabacum
Question19:- For recording of symptoms of narcotics while proving ———- symptoms are selected
A:- Primary
B:- Secondary
C:- Alternating
D:- Pharmacological

Correct Answer:- Secondary
Question20:-Lanolin is
A:- wool fat
B:- Pig fat
C:- whale fat
D:- none of the above

Correct Answer:- wool fat
Question21:- Homoeopathic Pharmacopoea committee was constituted by Government of India in
A:- 1972
B:- 1971
C:- 1962
D:- 1984

Correct Answer:- 1962
Question22:- Branch of Pharmacy deals with the preparation of crude drugs is
A:- Official pharmacy
B:- Extemporaneous pharmacy
C:- Galenical pharmacy
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Galenical pharmacy
Question23:- What is Homoeopathic alcohol?
A:- 66%
B:- 88%
C:- 87%
D:- 100%

Correct Answer:- 87%
Question24:- Which one is not a synonym of placebo
A:- saccharum
B:- lactopen
C:- Nihilinum
D:- Phytum

Correct Answer:- saccharum
Question25:- To be taken at bed time is designated as
A:- B.D
B:- H.D
C:- H.S
D:- B and C

Correct Answer:- B and C
Question26:- Proved drug is a
A:- Medicine
B:- Remedy
C:- Potency
D:- Both B and C

Correct Answer:- Medicine
Question27:- What is the commonly used size of cones?
A:- No.12
B:- No.6
C:- No.8
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- No.6
Question28:- Study deals with the identification of drug substances is
A:- Pharmaconomy
B:- Pharmacopraxy
C:- Pharmacopallaxy
D:- Pharmacognosy

Correct Answer:- Pharmacognosy
Question29:- The chief chemical Source of Ethyl alcohol is ———
A:- Propylene
B:- Ethylene
C:- Methanol
D:- Methylene

Correct Answer:- Ethylene
Question30:- The base used in the preparation of Plasters is
A:- Spermaceti
B:- Cataplaams
C:- Isinglass
D:- Soft soap

Correct Answer:- Isinglass
Question31:- The mode of preparation of ointment in which the drug is in liquid form is ——-
A:- mechanical incorporation method
B:- Plussing method
C:- Fusion method
D:- Succussion

Correct Answer:- Fusion method
Question32:- The % of alcohol which can be used as antiseptic is
A:- 70%
B:- 7%
C:- 10%
D:- 20%

Correct Answer:- Question Cancelled
Question33:-Number of succussions used in centesimal scale

Correct Answer:- 10
Question34:- Select the wrong combination
A:- Cinchona — bark
B:- Thuja — Whole plant
C:- Rhustox — Leaves
D:- Bryonia — Root

Correct Answer:- Thuja — Whole plant
Question35:- The drug prepared from spores is —
A:- Bovista
B:- Lycopodium
C:- Secalecor
D:- Ustilago

Correct Answer:- Lycopodium
Question36:- Sugar of milk is purified by using
A:- Strong alcohol
B:- Absolute alcohol
C:- Rectified spirit
D:- Dilute alcohol

Correct Answer:- Absolute alcohol
Question37:- I ml is approximately equivalent to
A:- 1 minim
B:- 3 minim
C:- 6 minim
D:- 16 minim

Correct Answer:- 16 minim
Question38:- The most common impurity in sugar of milk ———
A:- Chlorides
B:- Alum
C:- Iodine
D:- Starch

Correct Answer:- Starch
Question39:- Olive oil is used in the preparation of
A:- Ointment
B:- Lotion
C:- Liniment
D:- None of the above

Correct Answer:- Liniment
Question40:- Pressess are used in the preparation of —-
A:- Ointment
B:- Mother tincture
C:- Lotion
D: -none of the above

Correct Answer:- Mother tincture
Question41 ——– Mortars are used for Mercurial preparations
A:- Porcelain
B:- Glass
C:- Wedge wood
D:- Stainless steel

Correct Answer:- Glass
Question42:- Mother tincture drug strength in class IV
A:- 1/6
B:- 1/2
C:- 1/100
D:- 1/10

Correct Answer:- 1/10
Question43:- In Homoeopathy crystallisation is applied in the purification of
A:- Globule
B:- Cane sugar
C:- Camphor
D:- Sugar of milk

Correct Answer:- Sugar of milk
Question44:- The drug strength of mother tinctures prepared as per new method is A:- 1/10
B:- 1/100
C:- 1/2
D:- 1/50

Correct Answer:- 1/10
Question45:- ‘Pharmacopraxy is —-
A:- Study of repetition of drugs
B:- Study of application of drugs
C:- Convertion of crude drugs in to real material
D:- Study of genetically determined variations in response to drugs

Correct Answer:- Convertion of crude drugs in to real material
Question46:- The time taken for Maceration is
A:- 3 days
B:- 24 hours
C:- 2- 4 weeks
D:- 2-4 days

Correct Answer:- 2- 4 weeks
Question47:- The scale used in Trituration is
A:- Centesimal scale
B:- Decimal scale
C:- 50 millisimal scale
D:- A and B

Correct Answer:- A and B
Question48:- ‘Pharmacopallaxy is —-
A:- Study of repetition of drugs
B:- Study of application of drugs
C:- Convertion of crude drugs in to real material
D:- Study of genetically determined variations in response to drugs

Correct Answer:- Study of repetition of drugs
Question49:- The type of drug substances used in class IV of mother tincture preparation is
A:- Most juicy
B:- Medium juicy
C:- Least juicy
D:- Dried vegetable & animal, fresh animal

Correct Answer:- Dried vegetable & animal, fresh animal
Question50:- The liquid capable of penetrating the tissues of plant or animal substance and is capable to extract the active principle
A:- Menstrum
B:- Magma
C:- Merc
D:- Solvent

Correct Answer:- Menstrum
Question51:- The standard rate of percolation is ———
A:- 10 – 30 drops / minute
B:- 10 – 20 drops / minute
C:- 5 – 10 drops / minute
D:- 30 – 40 drops / minute

Correct Answer:- 10 – 30 drops / minute
Question52:- Ointments are commercially prepared by
A:- Mechanical incorporation method
B:- Fusion method
C:- Decantation
D:- Fluxion method Correct

Correct Answer:- Fusion method
Question53:- For preserving Flouric acid———- bottle is used.
A:- Gutta purcha
B:- Actinic bottles
C:- Amber bottles
D:- Caustic bottles

Correct Answer:- Gutta purcha
Question54:- The Alkaloid in Nuxvomica is
A:- Strichnine
B:- Morphine
C:- Codiene
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- Strichnine
Question55:- Belladonna belongs to the family—–
A:- Rubiaceae
B:- Solanaceae
C:- Scrophularaceae
D:- Compositae

Correct Answer:- Solanaceae
Question56:- Lac caninum is —
A:- Dog’s milk
B:- Cat’s milk
C:- Human milk
D:- cow’s milk

Correct Answer:- Dog’s milk
Question57:- Simply mixing of a liquid with water or any other liquid.
A:- Decantation
B:- Dilution
C:- Dynamisation
D:- Filtration

Correct Answer:- Dilution
Question58:- Tautopathy is ——–
A:- Study of synthetic source of medicines
B:- Allopathy
C:- Study of plant sources
D:- None of the above

Correct Answer:- Study of synthetic source of medicines
Question59:- Part IX A of Drug And Cosmetic Act 1940 relates to
A:- Manufacture of Homoeopathic drugs
B:- Sale of Homoeopathic drugs
C:- Labelling of Homoeopathic drugs
D:- Both A and B

Correct Answer:- Labelling of Homoeopathic drugs
Question60:- Number of monographs in volume II of HPI
A:- 180
B:- 104
C:- 100
D:- 105

Correct Answer:- 100
Question61:- Name of first Homoeopathic Pharmacopoea is ———
A:- Pharmocopoea of American institute of Homoeopathy
B:- Pharmacopoea Homoeopathic polyglottica
C:- Pharmaceutics manuel
D:- Dispensatorium Homoeopathicum

Correct Answer:- Dispensatorium Homoeopathicum
Question62:- Objectionable advertisements are prohibited under
A:- Dangerous drug Act
B:- Drug and Cosmetic Act
C:- Drug and Magic Remedy Act
D:- Medicinal and Toilet Preparation Act

Correct Answer:- Drug and Magic Remedy Act
Question63:- Doctrine of signature was recommended by
A:- Hahnemann
B:- Paracelsus
C:- Hippocrates
D:- Galen

Correct Answer:- Paracelsus
Question64:- The process of boiling water to produce water vapour which then condenses onto a cool surface is called
A:- Condensation
B:- Sublimation
C:- Distillation
D:- Evaporation

Correct Answer:- Distillation
Question65:- Part used in Apis mellifica is
A:- Live Honey bee
B:- Dead honey bee
C:- Poison of bee
D:- Extract from the honey comb

Correct Answer:- Live Honey bee
Question66:- Homoeopathic Pharmacy is based on ——–
A:- Monopharmacy
B:- Pharmacodynamics
C:- Potentisation
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- All the above
Question67:- Abnormal tendency to take medicines
A:- Pharmacomania
B:- Pharmacophobia
C:- Pharmaconemia
D:- Pharmacophelia

Correct Answer:- Pharmacomania
Question68:- Source of cones is ———–
A:- Cane sugar
B:- Egg albumin
C:- Both
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Both
Question69:- The drug that is prepared from whole plant is
A:- Belladonna
B:- Calendula
C:- Bryonia
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- Belladonna
Question70:-Ratio between drug juice and alcohol in class II is ——–
A:- 3:2
B:- 2:3
C:- 1:2
D:- none

Correct Answer:- 3:2
Question71:- Maceration done in hot liquid is called —-
A:- Sublimation
B:- Digestion
C:- Dilution
D:- Both A and B

Correct Answer:- Digestion
Question72:- Tincture of soap is used in the preparation of
A:- Liniment
B:- Lotion
C:- Ointment
D:- Spermaceti

Correct Answer:- Liniment
Question73:- lachesis should be preserved in
A:- Glycerine
B:- Ethylene
C:- Both A and B
D:- Sugar of milk

Correct Answer:- Glycerine
Question74:- The mixture of water and ethyl alcohol weighing 12/13th of equal volume of purified water is Vital
A:- Denatured spirit
B:- Proof spirit
C:- Rectified spirit
D:- spirit

Correct Answer:- Proof spirit
Question75:- The prover records the changes of health in
A:- Day book
B:- Case record
C:- Symptom register
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- Day book
Question76:- A Homoepathic dose means ——–
A:- Infinitesimal dose
B:- Fractional dose
C:- Booster dose
D:- Either of A and C

Correct Answer:- Infinitesimal dose
Question77 ———— is derived by the process of dynamisation
A:- Medicine
B:- Drug
C:- Potency
D:- all the above

Correct Answer:- Potency
Question78:- The potency used in organic disease is
A:- Medium
B:- Low
C:- Minimum
D:- High

Correct Answer:- Low
Question79:-Sugar of milk should not be medicated with medicines prepared with ———
A:- Alchohol
B:- Purified water
C:- Both
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Purified water
Question80:-The first edition of Organon of medicine was published in the year
A:- 1717
B:- 1710
C:- 1817
D:- 1810

Correct Answer:- 1810
Question81:-Drug proving is mentioned in ———– aphorism of Organon of Medicine
A:- 72-84
B:- 105-145
C:- 85-100
D:- 100-105

Correct Answer:- 105-145
Question82:- Extemporaneous pharmacy is the ——- part
A:- Practical
B:- Unofficial
C:- Official
D:- Theoretical

Correct Answer:- Practical
Question83:- The apparatus used for heating at low temperature is
A:- Hot air oven
B:- Water bath
C:- Spirit lamp
D:- Tripod stand

Correct Answer:- Water bath
Question84:- The directions to the patient is given under
A:- Superscription
B:- Subscription
C:- Inscription
D:- Signature

Correct Answer:- Signature
Question85:- Olive oil is ———- oil
A:- Volatile
B:- fixed
C:- A and C
D:- None

Correct Answer:- fixed
Question86:- Mullein oil is indicated in –
A:- Conjuctivitis
B:- Otitis
C:- Diarrhoea
D:- Urethritis

Correct Answer:- Otitis
Question87:- Fundamental rule for class VIA of mother tincture preparation is given in—-
A:- Thuja
B:- Arsenicum
C:- Silicea
D:- Guaicum

Correct Answer:- Guaicum
Question88:- Class VIII includes ———–
A:- Those chemical drugs which are soluble in purified water
B:- Those chemical drugs which are soluble in Alcohol
C:- Fresh animal and vegetable drugs
D:- Liquid insoluble drug substances

Correct Answer:- Liquid insoluble drug substances
Question89:- An obstruction made up of a porous material Placed in or above the neck and below the powdered drug substance in a percolator is called
A:- Merc
B:- Magma
C:- Taw
D:- Menstrum

Correct Answer:- Taw
Question90:- Ration between medicinal substance and Sugar of milk in class IX is ——-
A:- 2:9/2:99
B:- 1:9/1:99
C:- 1:10/1:100
D:- None of the above

Correct Answer:- 2:9/2:99
Question91:- In Maceration ———- should be done prior to filtration.
A:- Decantation
B:- Sedimentation
C:- Precipitation
D:- Distillation

Correct Answer:- Decantation
Question92:- A drop is abbreviated as
A:- dt
B:- gtt
C:- dtt
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- gtt
Question93:- The chemical substance which is responsible for the therapeutic effect in a drug is.
A:- Active principle
B:- Glycoside
C:- Alkaloid
D:- Tannim

Correct Answer:- Active principle
Question94:- Nosodes are medicines obtained from
A:- Products of disease
B:- Healthy animal tissues & secretions
C:- Invisible energy sources
D:- None

Correct Answer:- Products of disease
Question95:- 50 Millisimal potencies are designated as
A:- 0/1,0/2,0/3
B:- LM1, LM2, LM3
C:- 1/0, 2/0, 3/0
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- All the above
Question96:- In class IV the whole mass of mixture of crud drug & vehicle should be kept for days
A:- 7 days
B:- 15 days
C:- 3 weeks
D:- none of the above

Correct Answer:- 15 days
Question97:- Which one is a medicine prepared from inky juice
A:- Sepia
B:- Buforana
C:- Secalecor
D:- Agaricus

Correct Answer:- Sepia
Question98:- The word Homoeopathy has derived from
A:- French
B:- Latin
C:- German
D:- Greek

Correct Answer:- Greek
Question99:- Class I to Class IV are
A:- Mother substance class
B:- Mother solution class
C:- Mother tincture class
D:- All the above

Correct Answer:- Mother tincture class
Question100:- Medicine prepared from the moon
A:- Sol
B:- Skatol
C:- Luna
D:- Pollis umbo

Correct Answer:- Luna

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