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Kerala PSC PAINTER syllabus 2023 | PDF

Kerala PSC PAINTER – syllabus 2023

 Total 100 Marks 

1. Free hand drawing and Colouring (10 Marks) 

a. Drawing pencils  

b. Drawing papers 

c. Colours 

2. Painting tools(10 Marks) 

a. Various brushes 

b. Spray Guns 

c. Cleaning tools  

3. Surface preparation (Metal ,Wood & Wall)(10 Marks) a. Hand cleaning  

b. Mechanical cleaning 

c. Chemical cleaning  

d. Corrosion 

4. Types of paints(10 Marks) 

a. Water base paints 

b. Oil base paints 

c. Varnish and polish 

d. Ingredients of paints 

5. Method of paintings (Metal,Wood & Wall)(10 Marks) a. Brush painting  

b. Roller painting 

c. Stencil painting  

d. Spary painting  

e. Powder coating  

6. Painting defects & Remedies(10 Marks) 

a. Chalking , Peeling, Blistering ,Wrinkling, 

Fading , Cracking ,Orange peel ,etc.. 

7. Quality testing for various paints and painted films(10 Marks) a. Viscosity, Dry film thickness , Weight per litre ,  

Gloss finsh , etc.. 

8. Basic computer knowledge (10 Marks) 

a. DTP 

b. Corel draw 

c. Photo shop 

9. Safety precautions (10 Marks) 

a. Safety related to painting  

b. Personnel Protective Equipment  

c. Safety signs 

d. Colour code of different pipe lines 

10.Allied trades(10 Marks) 

a. Carpentary hand tools and simple joints  

b. Sheet metal hand tools and simple joints  

c. Plumping hand tools and fittings  

NOTE: – It may be noted that apart from the topics detailed above, questions from other topics prescribed for the educational

qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper. There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper

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